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8.166 Buyer’s Temporary Tag Receipt, with Notice to Buyer … 8.177 Buyer’s Temporary Tag Receipt, with Notice to Buyer … 8.178 Vehicle Registration Number (DOT No.) … 8.184 Vehicle Registration Number … 8.192 Vehicle Identification Number … 8.196 Owner’s State Driver’s License … 8.219 Vehicle Identification Number … 8.221 Vehicle Inspection Period … 8.223 Vehicle Inspection Period; Vehicle Registration Number… 8.225 Registration Date … 8.228 Vehicle Registration Number … 8.232 Trailer … 8.236 License Plate Number … 8.238 License Plate … 8.243 Vehicle Identification Number and License Plate No. … 8.247 Registration Date … 8.251 License Plate No. … 8.254 Registration Date; Registration Number … 8.256 Registration Number; Registration Date … 8.257 Registration Date; Owner’s State Driver’s License … 8.258 Registration Date; Owner’s State Driver’s License … 8.260 Registration Date; Owner’s State Driver’s License … 8.261 Registration Date; Vehicle Manufacturer Plate No. and License Plate Number … 8.262 Registration Date; Vehicle Manufacturer Plate No. … 8.263 Registration Date; Vehicle Manufacturer Plate No. … 8.264 Registration Date; State Number; Vehicle Manufacturer Plate Number … 8.265 Registration Date; State Number; No. … 8.266 Registration Date; No. … 8.270 Vehicle Identification Number … 8.271 Manufacturer’s No. … 8.272 Vehicle Identification Number … 8.273 Title, Registration and Driver’s Personal Information … 8.274 Title, Registration, Certificate of Title and Driver’s Personal Information.The Department of Homeland Security will soon release a report that details how the department is preparing to detain illegal immigrant youths who have entered the United States since the beginning of March and could potentially serve as young adults in its deportation force. In a Feb. 12 memo obtained Wednesday by Breitbart News, DHS Secretary John Kelly and Director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Sarah Saldana recommend the “deportation of all inadmissible [undocumented immigrant] minors.” The two officials were responding to a Department of Justice (DOJ) recommendation in late 2014 that the department create the process to detain young immigrants who have been apprehended along with adults during border enforcement operations. The move was criticized by many pro-enforcement groups, including the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and the American Immigration Council (AIC), who urged the DOJ to refrain

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Welcome to Pearl Stewart on cars I never saw so many cars especially this season with temporary conferred plates on them is that issued by the dealers or is that if you also buy the peg agency what’s the purpose that they don’t put their regular plates I’ve a lot of dealers like to get the cars on the road as quickly as possible in fact a lot of customers like to take delivery of their cars as quickly as possible and the registration process and the obtaining of a tag can take time, so the temporary tag is they’re called is good for 20 days and 30 days and this is to allow for the lag between the paperwork being able to be consummated in the tag obtained my mission in life is to be able to us apply the tag on every car when we deliver it because it’s a lot of extra work and a lot of aggravation for the customer and the car dealer to have to go through that paper tag process, but it is something that is supplied by the car dealers and is I say you chalk it up to lack of efficiency of the system the delivery is made in advance of the consummation of the paperwork a lot of cars are sold on weekends a lot of cars are sold in the evening and a lot of the government agencies for example are not open, so people say I got my new car and I want to take it home probably more often than not the car dealer says you have to take the car home because they try to get the car delivered and over the curb as we say to consummate the legality of the transaction that way if the customer changes his mind he can’t bring the car back you sell the car, and you deliver it before any of the tag work has even been started on a new car dealer used car dealer what they supplied a temporary place and I don’t say impacts I paid a tax back to New Jersey to have the car of time titled and tagged in New Jersey is that correct yes well then it has to be done through whatever the rules and regulations are of the department Motor Vehicles of New Jersey every state has its own rules and regulation I might add Massachusetts has the most difficult rules and regulations of any Department of Motor Vehicles, so it can be a trying tedious aggravating procedure but the best thing to do is put a transit tag on the car the dealer should be able to know how to do it a lot of dealers unfortunately are not informed as to the proper rules as I say every state has different rules and floors got one set New Jersey’s got another set of rules regulations and how long you can drive on a paper tag etc


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