Abel Insurance Agency

Excellent Customer Service

I wanted to take a moment to quickly praise one of your employees – I believe her name is Diane. I had called in a short time ago to report a claim that had been reported to us by our insured. Unfortunately, our insured had written down the policy number incorrectly and did not have the correct named insured, meaning that Diane was entirely unable to pull up the policy. With most companies, that would have been the end of the discussion.

Diane tried searching by every available piece of information we had, then called out to your Florence office (where the accident took place) to see if anyone there could help. Afterwards she called me back to suggest insurance companies I could try based upon the policy number, and then tried emailing others in the agency to see if any of them could assist.

Ultimately I was able to obtain the correct policy number and name, and when I called Diane back she was able to take down all of the relevant claim information. Throughout the process she was professional, polite and positive – certainly one of the most enjoyable calls I have made in quite some time.

In an age where agents and other representatives are always in a hurry to hang up and move on to the next task, it was wonderfully refreshing to see the lengths Diane went through to try to help us in this situation. Never before have I seen anything remotely close to the quality of service she provided. I am in Cleveland, Ohio, but if I know anyone in your area I will absolutely recommend that they deal with you guys going forward. Thank you very, very much.

– James, Claims Representative


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