About our Life Insurance Company

An insurer’s ability to pay claims should be a factor when considering an insurance company. American Income Life has consistently earned high financial strength ratings.

American Income Life, along with our New York subsidiary National Income Life, has combined assets approaching $4.7 billion with more than $67 billion of life insurance in force in 2019 (as of 12/19).

Count of Life claims paid by AIL in 2019:


As other companies downsize, American Income Life continues to experience growth. AIL’s insurance products create opportunities for union members interested in selling insurance and running their own businesses. We proudly proclaim our status as a 100% union label Company. From the independent agents in the field who write an application, to AIL’s own employees, all the way up to our CEO, everything is done under the union label.

Also, with increased commissions, production bonuses, and lifetime vesting, agents who affiliate with AIL have seen phenomenal growth in long term net worth and a secure financial future. For more information on opportunities selling AIL insurance products, please visit our Careers page.


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