Address Change BC

You may enter either your nine-digit Business Number, also called a BN9, has 9 digits, and may be shown with two letters, and then four more digits (e.g. 82123 5679 RC0001).

Your Business Number was assigned by CRA, and should be on any communication received from them. You may already have one if you:

  • collect GST/HST
  • have employees
  • import or export goods from Canada
  • re-open a previously incorporated or registered company
  • operate a taxi or limo service
  • are registered with the WorkSafeBC
  • are registered for PST

Your Incorporation Number starts with either BC or C, and is followed by seven digits.

It was assigned at the time of incorporation and is located at the top right hand corner of the Certificate of Incorporation, Amalgamation, Continuation or Change of Name. It is also printed on the Annual Report reminder that is sent to the company each year.


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