Alaska License Lookup

There are numerous amounts of jobs and opportunities to choose from in Alaska, here we have arranged a list of major licenses Alaska has to offer. From A-Z we have narrowed down the major licenses the state of Alaska has, you can expand your field to a business license all the way to becoming a real estate agent. The following is a list of compiled major licenses which Alaska has to offer. If you’re having trouble figuring out your career path or how to progress through your career path, this list will give you assurance.

Before starting any small business or business activity in Alaska you must obtain a business license. Most Alaska business licenses are issued by the (CBPL) Corporations, Business & Professional Licensing office. While trying to obtain a business license you must also register that business for other purposes with the state of Alaska. Business license fees are non-refundable so you should make sure the name and place of your choosing must be exactly what you want it to be. You have the option to pay for either a one-year or two-year business license, licenses expire on the last day of the year and are renewable by payment of fees.

To obtain a contractor’s license in Alaska you must first pass the required examination’s and licensing requirements. Besides a general contractor, there are two other types of contractors, there are specialty contractors and mechanical contractors. To become a general contractor in Alaska you must have a completed, notarized, and signed an Alaska Construction Contractors Application and have a surety bond of at least $25,000, you must also have liability insurance on each and every worker. A contracting license for your business in Alaska can cost up to $200 if you don’t already have one. Once you’ve taken and passed the Alaska contractor’s exam, the (ACHP) Alaska Craftsman Home Program will offer you your construction license.

If you’d like to sell insurance in Alaska their are many steps in order to obtain your licensure. In order to prepare for the licensing exam you must first finish all pre-licensing courses required by the Alaska board. The state board will have you have you finish your pre-licensing courses and thereafter you must make an appointment for your licensing exam and prepare to take the exam and pass it. The exam has a general section for basic insurance purposes and information and the other section of the exam will be based on the state section which specify’s the rules and regulations of that state and the profession. Once you have passed the exam you will have to submit your fingerprints to the state board and pass a background as a requirement for public record. The final step is applying for a permanent license from the state board.

In order to obtain a medical license in Alaska, the first step would be to fill out an application with your educational and examination results which are reviewed by the state board, if the application is deemed acceptable by the board you will be sent a temporary permit. Once you’ve completed and submitted your application the state board of Alaska will set up a full board interview to review your application and decide whether you’re ready to practice as a full time medical physician.

There are a few steps to obtain your nursing verification of licensure in Alaska, the first step is to apply to an accredited nursing program. You must first train to become a registered nurse in Alaska, this starts with the application process along with an entrance exam, background check, and drug screening. The next step is to graduate from an accredited nursing program, your nursing program will help you master each level of training. Once you’ve finished your nursing program you must take the (NCLEX) National Council Licensure Examination exam, the exam covers and focuses on safe effective care environment, health promotion and maintenance, psychosocial, and physiological. Once you’ve passed your nursing exam, you’ll wait on a nursing license to be mailed by the state board of Alaska. The Alaska Board of Nursing requires that you continue your education by completing 30 hours of coursework every 2 years.

In order to obtain a real estate license in Alaska you’re required to be at least 19 years or older. The first step to obtain your license is to complete 20 hours of approved pre-licensing real estate coursework and pass the state accredited exam. You must then apply for licensure within the 6 months of which you passed your state exam. Once you’ve met the educational requirement, you must find a real estate school in Alaska to help obtain your real estate license. As soon as you’ve completed this step you may now file an application to take your real estate exam, and once you’ve scheduled and passed your Alaska real estate exam you’ll await for your certification of licensure and try and set up an interview with a real estate firm in Alaska.


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