Arizona Defensive Driving School

Lessons and Quizzes

Our Arizona Defensive Driving course is four hours long, as is mandated by the state of Arizona. The course consists of 16 short lessons that are timed to ensure you spend the minimum required time in the course. At the end of each lesson is a 3-question multiple-choice quiz. You must answer all three questions correctly to proceed to the next lesson. You may retake the lesson quizzes as many times as necessary to pass.

Identity Verification Questions

Throughout the course, you will encounter identity verification questions, as is required by the state of Arizona. These are questions that are unique to you that you will answer during registration and then answer again as you encounter them in the course. According to Arizona’s rules, you must answer the identity verification questions correctly to proceed with the course. If you answer an identity verification question incorrectly, you will be presented with a second question. If you answer that second question correctly, you may proceed with the course. If you answer the second question incorrectly, you will be prompted to call our Customer Support line, where we will attempt to verify your identity. If we are able to successfully verify your identity, you will have to start the course over from the beginning. This identity verification procedure is required by the state of Arizona for all Defensive Driving courses.

Final Exam

There is no final exam in our course. Once you complete the last lesson quiz and answer the final identity verification question, you’re done!

Course Evaluation

We will ask you to complete a quick course evaluation form at the end of the course. Let us know what you thought about your course experience!

Receipt of Completion

When you complete the course, you can print a Receipt of Completion to keep for your records. We will electronically notify the court of your completion within 1 business day. The courts do not process the completion in their system until they have received the payment. Please be assured that the court will process your completion using the date you completed the course, not the date that they process the completion. Be sure to check with the court 7-10 business days after completing the course to ensure they have processed your completion.


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