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welcome to this is my architecture I’m Kurt and today we’re in New York City and we’re joined by Han from bristol-myers Squibb welcome to the show Han thank you please tell us about your business so bristol-myers is a large bio pharma company and we bring innovative medicine to our customers so we use AWS for a lot of our computing so we’re here to talk about in architecture yeah and you told me that you guys have a very large amount of applications or complement pieces of applications that you deploy frequently through your DevOps mechanisms and you brought an architecture let’s dive right into it yes what are we looking at so we are looking at a problem that a lot of projects face so on this side you can see a representation of not what’s known as s3s website using cup front and lambdas and maybe a gateway so a lot of projects will have to build these separately and then assemble them into a bigger project so this is a very common application stack that many of our viewers would have right and you have to build all these component pieces and I assume you have to do that before yes so one of the problem is project teams are involved with trying to fulfill the project requirements building all these components actually requires you to deal with enterprise requirements like security backuprestore encryption so a lot of details have to be dealt with by project teams and that feels very unnatural to a DevOps process so how did you drive simplification into this right so what happens is we actually take all these that could take let’s say six week to build and deploy them and make available to project team as a product so what you see over here instead of being built by project teams I actually built by a product team and they’re made available for projects to use in a confirmation so a confirmation can actually assemble a list of products to create a project solution so I see that you use Service Catalog to implement that with you could argue that why not just use individual confirmation templates that instantiates each one of these application stacks why service catalog very good question so the real point is when you use this service controller product you don’t just come with a single solution it comes with its entire version from now to the future so if I instantiate a product in my confirmation and later on security team or some compliance team decided that we need to turn on encryption or change how this is done we will release a new product version the teams that were previously using an older product version can be persuaded to upgrade to that version we can actually have very well-known checkpoints and every product is able to leverage all that knowledge now and into the future so suddenly your DevOps project is no longer just one team working on it it becomes one team working on the efforts of every other product team so it’s like a big assembly of products got it so what actually governs the…


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