Best Car Insurance in Massachusetts (November 2021)

You can get car insurance discounts in Massachusetts based on how you drive, the car you own, and your relationship with your insurance company. In Massachusetts, car insurance companies are allowed to consider factors like driving experience and insurance history when setting premiums. That means there are also discounts available for driving safely with continuous insurance. In Massachusetts, insurance companies cannot use occupation, education, or homeownership status to determine rates. That means you can’t get discounts for owning a home or being affiliated with certain employers or educational institutions.

Almost anyone can get a discount on car insurance in Massachusetts because most insurance companies make it easy to qualify for a variety of savings. Massachusetts insurers typically offer discounts that fall into one of three categories—policy discounts, driver discounts, and vehicle discounts.

Policy discounts typically reward customer behavior that is desirable to the insurance company. For example, most Massachusetts drivers can save by registering for paperless billing or getting both home and auto policies from the same company. Driver discounts are available to Massachusetts residents who are lower-risk to insure, like those with clean driving records. And vehicle discounts help drivers save if their car has certain safety features or anti-theft systems.

Car Insurance Discounts in Massachusetts

Discount How It Works Potential Savings
Customer Loyalty Insurance companies reward long-term customers with lower rates. Up to 10%
Good Driver Drivers with a clean record and no claims history save on insurance. 10% to 30%
Driver Education Older drivers who refresh their skills with an approved defensive driving course get reduced rates. 5% to 10%
Continuously Insured Drivers who have been insured for 6 months or more save on insurance. 5% to 25%
Billing and Payments If you pay for your policy in full, set up automatic payments, pay online, or go paperless, you can save. 2% to 25%
Policy Bundling Insure multiple vehicles or get different policy types (like home and auto) from the same company can earn a discount. 1% to 12%
Good Student Young drivers with a “B” average or higher are eligible for discounts. 5% to 20%
Usage-Based Some insurance companies offer discounts for drivers who are willing to have their driving habits monitored by an electronic device attached to your car and/or your smartphone. 1% to 30%
Safety Features Cars featuring multiple airbags, anti-lock brakes, daytime running lights, and other safety add-ons can save on car insurance. 2% to 30%
Anti-Theft Systems Car alarms, LoJack, steering wheel locks, or other anti-theft features can make comprehensive coverage more affordable. 5% to 25%

Remember, discounts vary among different insurance companies, so it’s always best to contact the provider directly to determine which discounts you qualify for.


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