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Okay hi everybody this is mick bernard back with another credit tip of the week now people call me all the time i want to talk about collections because collections open collections especially with balances can weigh down your credit score and so here’s what i say about that be careful when you’re paying off a collection because when you pass a collection it sometimes updates the date of last activity on your credit report read dates that account which means it could stay on your report for seven more years and you really don’t want that to happen and so when you’re negotiating to pay a collection i’m always encourage you to contact your collector do not just send in a check a make your payment because you received a letter in the mail because you want to convince them to remove it from your credit report paying a collection will not make your score go up in fact it might make your score go down so when you paying those off make sure you’re getting the maximum bang for your buck and that is make that collection company remove it all together if you’re unable to do that we’re masters at that please contact us we’ll be happy to assist you with those items as always this is Mick Barnard I’ll be back next week with another credit tip for you guys


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