Health Care

Washington State Medical Home  – Website was created to support youth and families in understanding how to partner with their health care providers, understand their health conditions, and make informed health care decisions.

Children receiving medical coverage from the State of Washington are eligible for replacement eye glasses from a provider accepting medical coupons any time they lose, out grow or break a previous pair. There is no limit on how many pairs are replaced and no “prior authorization” is needed. This benefit applies to children at home or in care as long as their medical coverage is provided by the State of Washington. For children with private insurance, please check with the child’s specific insurance plan.

Information on the Importance of Adult Immunization

Living Well with Chronic Conditions in Washington State website:  Your health counts!  To learn more about healthy aging programs in Washington State visit the website to find events, workshops, trainings, programs, and resources.

Watch from your home or office helpful online information on memory, depression, food, medications, and physical activity. 

From Coverage to Care: A Roadmap to Better Care and a Healthier You.
If you’re new to health insurance, you haven’t had insurance for a while, you’re confused by your insurance paperwork and need a refresher on insurance terms, or you want to teach your children about insurance as they reach adulthood, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services – CMS offers this guide..


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