Homeowners Insurance

Not all homeowner’s policies are the same; we’ll help you understand all of your options. From property insurance to vacant home insurance to umbrella policies, we’ve got you covered. We’ll even help you understand all the nuances of policy options, so you can understand everything in simple terms and make an informed decision about your coverage.

Property insurance policies vary from a basic fire policy to comprehensive homeowner’s insurance that protects you from most losses and claims related to your home or personal property

Condo insurance should be customized to meet the requirements of the condo association’s master policy, while also protecting you and your belongings.

Flood damage isn’t covered unless you buy flood insurance. The cost is based on a variety of factors, primarily proximity to water and elevation.

Umbrella policies protect you and your family’s liability from lawsuits or claims arising from accidentally injuring another person or damaging their property. Umbrella policies provide an extra layer of protection over and above your home and auto insurance.

Vacant property insurance covers damage or vandalism to unoccupied property, such as a vacation home or home for sale.

Home Warranty plans cover repair or replacement of your home’s major systems, like heating and AC, as well as appliances.

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