What are some examples of business property coverage other than my building and inventory?

Boiler and Machinery Insurance – You might need this coverage even if you don’t own a boiler. This insurance provides coverage against the sudden and accidental breakdown of various machinery and equipment, including boilers, computer systems, and telephones, and other communication systems. Coverage usually entails reimbursement for property damage, expedited expenses (like transportation charges), and business interruption losses.

Builder’s Risk Coverage includes buildings under construction. Coverage can be for either renovations or brand new construction.

Building Ordinance Coverage – In some communities, ordinances require buildings with a specified amount of damage must be completely demolished and rebuilt per current building codes rather than repaired.

Business Interruption Insurance covers the loss of profits as a result of damage or loss of business property. You can receive reimbursement for salaries, taxes, rents and other expenses plus net profits that would have been earned during the period of interruption can be included.

Debris Removal Coverage – In the event of a fire or other damaging event, this covers the cost of removing debris before reconstruction.

Glass Coverage – When store windows and plate glass on office fronts break, there’s no need to worry.

Inland Marine Insurance primarily covers property in transit. For example, you’re covered if you’re transporting goods to a warehouse or a retail store or if other people leave their property on your premises, such as clothes left at a dry cleaning business or an employee’s personal property left in the company locker room.


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