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what’s up at Assassin’s I hope you guys are having a fantastic Wednesday today’s video is really really special video I did a livestream on the landing pages versus leave forms on Facebook and what you guys should be doing for lead generations the pros the cons the whole deal that live is going to be right now Applause Music what’s up at Assassin’s sorry the cameras over here happy fire tip Friday as we’re doing right now it’s 1215 Eastern right on the docks I am never late that’s why today we’ll be talking about something really cool we’re gonna be talking about landing pages versus the lead forms and there’s a lot of a lot of discussion going on about this right now on which one you guys should be using and which one is more powerful and why you should use it and all like this so that’s exactly what we’re going to talk about today telling you guys which ones you should be losing using and the pros and cons of using each one so I want to first go ahead and talk about Lee forms and again we’re going to be talking about lead forms first I’m gonna give you the pros and cons of lead forms then we’re going to be talking about landing pages I’m gonna give you the pros and cons of landing pages what I would really like what’s upgrade what’s up Kristin what I really like is for you guys to comment down below specifically what question you would like me to answer because that makes it easier for me to give you guys good info I’m just gonna be talking and then if you guys have questions type those below what’s up Scott alright so Lee forms the pros here are the pros there are a lot of pros of leave forms guys a lot of them they’re very simple they’re very easy they stay inside of the Facebook platform a lot of this goes back to you as an agent how much work do you want to put into doing this type of thing right it is just you guys want to do this you guys are doing this Facebook advertising to become to generate leads right you’re not doing Facebook advertising to become a professional marketer right you don’t want to become me that is not why you do B generation on Facebook you do a generation on Facebook to generate leads and you want to do that as simply and as effectively as possible what’s up Chris what’s up on so going the simple route and effective route Facebook lead forms are easily the best way to go because again they’re right inside a Facebook they autofill a lot of the information so when a person goes in that Facebook lead form when they clicks they click you know get more info some of their information is already filled out into that V form so now they only have to type a few things that hit submit and boom you’ve got the information right away what’s up daddy what’s up Rob so that makes it really really easy as far as you know collecting information Facebook makes it very very easy for you which is great again these…


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