Insurance Continuing Education

If you need insurance license continuing education (CE), you’ve come to the right place. Our CE classes for insurance professionals are specifically designed with you in mind. Whether you need general state-approved insurance continuing ed courses or your license type requires something specific — like classes on ethics or for adjusters — we’ve got you covered. 

We’ve built easy-to-access, flexible online learning to fulfill your hours requirement so renewing your license is always a breeze — at least when it comes to getting your insurance CE credits. Our goal is to provide the best, most affordable, easiest-to-complete insurance license continuing education available today. 

That said, there are quite a few insurance education providers out there. So why should you choose us? Excellent question. 

We’ve worked hard to deliver continuing education for insurance agents that gives you what you need and what you want. We offer state-approved insurance CE credits in all 50 states. We’ve worked hard with state departments and bureaus to ensure we have the right seal of approval to count your insurance license continuing education toward your renewal requirement.

On top of that, we’ve built courses that are affordably priced, flexible, and convenient. Our goal is to provide you with insurance continuing ed courses that you can take anytime, anywhere. That’s why we’ve created CE classes for insurance professionals that are mobile-friendly 

In fact, we’ve helped thousands of licensees across the country get the insurance education they need to maintain their licensure. And when you choose us, you can easily print your certificate of completion as soon as you finish. 

Plus, we’ve added things to give you the best insurance license continuing education experience possible. We have a customer support team standing by to answer any questions you might have. And we’ve built our Career Central page and our blog to answer commonly asked insurance continuing education questions. 

At every turn, we want to make getting your CE classes for insurance renewal as easy as possible. 

Shop state-approved insurance continuing education courses for your state

We help you understand your state’s requirements with packages built for you

Each state’s requirements for insurance CE credits vary. It’s important that you know exactly what insurance license continuing education is required of you so you can keep your license active.


We can help with that. The state-specific webpages we’ve linked above contain two things. First, they’re full of courses specifically designed to meet your state’s insurance requirements. Secondly, they have information on those pages to help you better understand the insurance CE credits you need. Scroll to the bottom of any of those pages for a brief overview of the hour requirements in your home state.


Additionally, as we’ve mentioned before, we built our Career Central platform to answer insurance education FAQs. These state-focused articles provide a deeper dive into the ins and outs of getting the right insurance CE credits where you live. 

Our insurance CE courses are all state-approved and span a wide range of topics

Of course, there aren’t just state-specific requirements to consider. You also need to be mindful of the insurance education requirements based on your specific license type. We offer a broad variety of insurance continuing ed courses to provide content that aligns with your needs based on your licensure. 

Property and Casualty Insurance Class CE

If you need P&C-focused content, we can help. We’ve tailored CE classes for insurance professionals with property and casualty lines of authority. Our classes cover the topics your state requires for P&C professionals, whether that’s flood insurance training, commercial lines, or another focus. And we’ve designed our insurance CE credits so you can get the right property and casualty content online.

That means you can take the courses you need at your convenience, freeing you up to focus on what you do best. 

We offer P&C insurance license continuing education in a variety of states. Choose your state from the list above to learn more about our property and casualty insurance education. 

Life Insurance Continuing Education

If you sell life insurance products, you may need insurance education beyond the general CE classes for insurance. State requirements vary but, in general, life insurance comes with specific continuing education requirements. That might include (but may not be limited to) training in ethics during each renewal cycle. 

Don’t worry. We’ve built online CE classes for insurance professionals in the life insurance field. Our insurance CE credits keep you in mind, meaning we deliver easy, convenient life insurance continuing ed courses so you can satisfy your state’s requirements.

Health Insurance CE

Like life insurance, health professionals generally need specific insurance education to satisfy their state’s requirements. Whether you need ethics training or a class that focuses on long-term care, we’ve got you covered.  We tailor our health insurance license continuing education to meet your state’s requirements while delivering convenient online CE for you. 

Insurance Adjuster Continuing Education

Adjusters may be subject to different insurance license continuing education requirements than agents. Don’t assume that continuing education for insurance agents will satisfy the requirements that enable you to renew your adjuster license.  We’ve specifically built CE classes for insurance adjusters. With an emphasis on claims management and adjustment, our courses satisfy your insurance CE credits requirement. We aim to provide adjuster-focused insurance education so you can get your hours without having to sit through coursework that doesn’t apply to you.  Our primary goal is to provide convenient, easy-to-complete CE classes for insurance professionals that meet state requirements. We’ve built our insurance continuing ed courses so you can check off your to-dos for renewal and get back to your core work. 

With state-approved insurance education, competitive pricing, and a user-friendly interface, we hope to make it a breeze for you to satisfy your insurance license continuing education requirements. Try us out and see if renewing your license isn’t easier than you ever dreamed.


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