Insurance Credentialing Services – Get On Insurance Panels

Every healthcare provider is required to enroll into an insurance credentialing process to accept patients with insurance. Without credentialing a medical practice simply cannot exist. It is a complicated long process that is extremely essential if you want to run a successful medical practice whether it is a clinic, or a surgery lab.

We at DENmaar understand the frustration that comes with this process, and thus help provide you the best insurance credentialing services that assist you throughout the long process. We can help get your facility, group practice and provider’s in network with insurance panels as quickly as possible.

The entire credentialing process can take anywhere around 90-120 days. The process can be long, and very complicated. We understand how frustrating the process can be, and thus offer services dedicated to relieving you of this unwanted burden. We provide a fully automated system that gives you real time update of your credentialing application status. Plus, you get automatically notified by our robust system on imminent expiration of documents, so your practice continues to legally serve patients with insurance.


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