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Workers’ Compensation Claimants: You may have recently received a letter from NYSIF regarding Diagnostic Testing Networks. This notification states:
Effective June 1, 2021, if a treating physician prescribes a diagnostic procedure, it must be performed through one of NYSIF’s contracted Diagnostic Testing Networks.

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Workers’ compensation policyholders can register for an online account in minutes, and have access to claims information, certificates, policy documents, bills, audit worksheets and more. It’s an easy way to save time for you and your business.

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NYSIF Spring 2021 Workers’ Comp Advisor

March 5, 2021

Having an online account at nysif.com is the easiest way for workers’ compensation and disability benefits/PFL policyholders to do business with us. Now we’ve added features to make it even more convenient to manage your policy online. Learn more about our online service in the Spring 2021 Advisor.


At NYSIF, it really pays to report your payroll

December 31, 2020

Be sure to report your Disability and Paid Family Leave payroll at the end of your policy period. Doing so will ensure that your payroll is correctly aligned with your premium. Reporting may also qualify you for a reduction in premium while not reporting will result in a 50% premium increase. Report online or request a paper reporting form by email: dbpayrollrpt@nysif.com.

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New: Virtual Payroll Verification

November 16, 2020

NYSIF now offers Virtual Payroll Verification to complete your yearly workers’ compensation audit remotely, a contactless and paperless option that allows you to finish the entire process via videoconference with a NYSIF representative. It’s easy and convenient, and your broker can even attend. When it’s time to verify your payroll, we’ll contact you to offer this new option. See Scheduling a Virtual Audit or call 888-875-5790 to learn more.

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