PRODUCER (AGENT/BROKER): Continuing Education

Question:Why must I have been continuously licensed since January 1, 1995, to be able to avoid taking Arizona insurance CE?

Answer: Because Arizona law, and specifically ARS § 20-2902(A)(2), exempts a person who has been licensed since January 1, 1995, from the Arizona insurance continuing education requirement. If you have not been continuously licensed since January 1, 1995, you do not qualify for the exemption under the law.

Question: I hold insurance-related certifications, accreditations or other professional credentials. Am I required to complete Arizona insurance continuing education?

Answer: Arizona law does not provide any exceptions based on certifications, accreditations, memberships in professional organizations or other professional credentials.

Question: Do I have to complete insurance continuing education courses that relate to the lines of authority that I hold on my Arizona insurance license?

Answer: No.  In fact, if you are thinking about applying for additional license authority and want to complete courses to help you learn subject matter for an insurance examination, you may be able to earn insurance continuing education credit while completing courses that will help you prepare for the insurance license examination for the additional license authority.  You just need to complete Arizona-approved courses that are offered by Arizona-approved course providers (and you can only get credit one time for a particular course you complete during your license term).


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