PRUActive Saver III – Insurance Saving Plan in Singapore

1On the maturity date we pay a maturity benefit in a lump sum. The maturity benefit is a percentage of the face value plus all the bonuses that we have added to the policy, less any amounts owing to us in connection with your policy. The bonuses are not guaranteed.

2The death benefit payable will be the higher of:

(1) 105% of the total premiums paid up to time of death (but not premiums for supplementary benefits [if any]) less any bonus surrendered; or

2) 101% of the surrender value,

less any amounts owing to us.

3For single premium policy, no add-ons of additional benefit will be allowed.

4Crisis Waiver III waives the future premiums of the covered benefits up to the end of premium term or age 85, whichever is earlier.

5After the end of the early stage premium waiver period, premium payment for the covered benefits will resume, but the premiums for the Early Stage Crisis Waiver will continue to be waived.

6The second claim will waive the premium for another 5 years. This is provided the second claim is not for the same medical condition as the first claim, and it does not fall within the same category of the first early stage medical condition.

7If there was a successful claim under early stage medical conditions, the intermediate stage medical conditions benefit only waives 5 years of future premiums.

8Total and permanent disability coverage is up to the policy anniversary on which the person covered under payer security plus turns 65 years old.


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