Term, Whole, & Universal Life Insurance

No nicotine or tobacco use in the past:

13-35 months

Blood pressure not exceeding:

150/95 for ages 18-69

155/90 for ages 70+

History of Hypertension:

Well controlled with 3 or fewer medications

Cholesterol between:

140 to 325

Cholesterol/HDL ratio not exceeding:

7.0 for ages 18-69

8.0 for ages 70+

If applicable, elevated cholesterol is:

Well Controlled with treatment

History of heart disease:

No history

History of diabetes:

No history

History of Cancer:

No history

History of Drug or Alcohol Abuse:

None for 6+ years

Family history of heart disease and/or cancer:

2 parents/siblings died from cancer or heart disease prior to age 60

Moving violations while driving:

4 or less in last 3 years

Driving under the influence (DUI) convictions:

None in the last 3 years


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