Testing Information

If you have health insurance:

The Families First Coronavirus Response Act ensures the cost of getting a COVID-19 test is covered at 100% if you have health insurance and you have a medical reason to be tested. This means you have symptoms of COVID-19, you have had close contact with someone who has COVID-19, or you have a referral from a healthcare professional or the health department to get tested. 

If you have health insurance, you should not be charged for a test no matter what testing site you go to. Healthcare providers are required by federal law to post a cash price for COVID-19 tests. This is to inform health insurance companies what to pay if you get tested by a provider that is out-of-network. 

If you have insurance and are receiving an assessment or evaluation for COVID-19 and your healthcare provider decides to test you for COVID-19, you should not be charged for the test or the evaluation visit. If you do receive a bill, contact your provider and your insurance company to resolve the issue or email the Utah Department of Health at COVID19TestingCoverage@utah.gov.


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