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Beauty & Cosmetics Product Liability

Insuring thousands of clients nationwide, Veracity Insurance is a leading provider of product liability insurance for beauty and cosmetics. The power of exclusive underwriting programs, along with the ability to adapt policies to fit the unique needs of clients, gives Veracity the means to provide beauty and cosmetics manufacturers the insurance they need for their business.

Beauty & Cosmetics Liability Insurance

Vitamins & Supplements & Life Sciences

Veracity understands the importance of comprehensive coverages for Vitamin & Supplement, medical devices, and pharmaceutical manufacturers, as well as others who import and distribute these products. The experts at Veracity design policies with important coverages that are often overlooked by competitors. With competitive limits and “A XV rated paper” Veracity is the smart solution for those in the Vitamins & Supplements and Life Sciences industry.

Vitamin & Supplement Insurance


Veracity created an exclusive program, Vape Insurance Pros, that provides competitive products and insurance options for the e-cigarette and vape industry. With coverages for e-liquid/e-juices, e-cig devices, and other vape products, Veracity understands the unique needs of those who work with vape products and designed policies that provide the broadest insurance coverages in the industry.

E-Cigarette Insurance

Sporting Goods Manufacturing

Veracity specializes in providing insurance to niche industries, including sporting goods manufacturers, with brokers who are experts in providing coverage for the liability exposures and risks that those in the industry face. Veracity is committed to customer service and staying up-to-date on industry trends to ensure that our clients receive the coverages they need for their sporting goods business.

Sporting Goods Insurance

Consumer Products

Veracity understands the insurance needs of Consumer Products manufacturers, importers and distributors. The products they create and sell are used by individuals on a daily basis, so the liability risks are that much greater. Veracity has insurance policies that provide the coverages these businesses need in the event someone is injured by their product or the product causes property damage.

Consumer Products Insurance

Industrial Products

Veracity has policies for many different industrial product manufacturing companies, whether they are a startup or a Fortune 500 company. Veracity is available in all 50 states and offers both claims-made and occurrence forms with the limits industrial product manufacturers need to address any liability risks.

Industrial Products Insurance

Discontinued Products

Veracity has created insurance policies for companies that have discontinued products out in the market. Without the right coverages, companies can open themselves up to liability suits and claims that can create financial problems for years to come. Veracity’s team of experienced brokers can help companies with discontinued products get the coverages they need to safeguard their business.

Discontinued Products Insurance

Product Recall

Veracity understands the unique coverages that a business needs when they issue a product recall. The cost of not having the right coverages means the company could be left with financial losses that they may not be able to recover from. Veracity’s product recall insurance provides insurance with the coverages the business needs to protect them from a potential financial loss due to a product recall.

Product Recall Insurance


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